InTuneToday I remembered that I had bought this oil for my youngest son to help him focus on his school work, but I realized that I was having trouble the last few days focusing myself so I tried some on my self. I am now finding myself being a little more focused and more energetic to get my work done I need to get done.

I was not sure I would like the smell of this oil very much, but I did. I also was unsure about how it would help me to focus and gain more energy. But it did that also. I just rubbing some with the roll on bottle on behind my ears and on the back of my neck and within an hour I was feeling more energized.

On the website  it talks about having more alertness when using this oil, but also the added benefit of calmness and soothing. If you want to know what specific oils are in this blend, click on the link and find out.

If you want to try some for yourself, let me know and I will get you some. contact me here

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